I’ve been seeing Dr Watson for well over 10 years and she’s the only doctor I will see. Her new Concierge practice is wonderful. The office environment is very friendly, there’s a little coffee area set up to make you some coffee to take back to your room. I love the fact that when you walk in, it makes you feel like you’re at home. And one of the best perks is being able to actually text, and talk, with Dr Watson personally if you have a problem. I’d never see any other doctor.

Shireen Hutcherson

Dr Watson is such a great lady. I’m so blessed that she is my doctor. She is professional, caring, knowledgeable, and thorough. The best!

Amy Dyer (Google)

My daughter has seen Dr Watson and has had nothing but great things to say about her and her staff. Thank you Dr Watson and staff.

Debbie Tarter (Google)

I feel privileged to have Dr. Watson as my doctor. She’s a professional in her field, but most importantly, she is caring and knowledgeable. She’s been a true blessing to me and I thank God for her.

Jerri Jones (Google)

My daughter and I were so lucky and blessed to have Dr Watson as our PCP. She is so professional, calm and knowledgeable. She is willing to extend her time and effort to the extent of her passion. She is willing to help and a good listener. She’s the BEST!

Marilou Merin (Google)

Very thorough. Follows up on every condition. Listens to me. Really cares. Best doctor I’ve ever seen.

Rebecca Johnson (Google)

Comprehensive and attentive. Dr. Watson is an excellent family doctor. I have referred so many of my friends and colleagues to her.

Mirabelle Reyes (Google)

Her office is always clean and smells good, the ladies at the desk are always busy and working hard, they are usually smiling and laughing through the day with the patients in the office.

Helarie Pancho-Minns

Outstanding professional. In my opinion, she is one of the best medical professionals in the field.

John Christian (Google)

I really like this Dr Lady. She takes time and really listened. I would recommend her to anyone.

Judy Tharpe (Google)

Dr. Andrea Watson is an Awesome person!!!, a God sent Angel from above to take care of people issues. She takes her time, explaining to you the problem that you are having in a way that you won’t leave her office confused. I have been a patient there over 3 years & each time I had a follow up the office was always clean & inviting from the time you check in & check out. Best doctor office Triple 5 🌟 , Great job Dr Watson & to her beautiful team, keep being true & honest to the community! God bless you all!

Lauraola Williams (Google)

Excellent family doctor. I will not see anyone else.

Roger Branch (Google)

Best doctor in Hardin County.

Vanessa Moorman (Google)

I cannot praise Dr. Watson enough. I would give her ten stars if I could. She is kind, thorough and considerate. I have never had a doctor care as much about my well-being as she has. She listens to what I have to say and doesn’t mind if I ask questions. I highly recommend her as a family physician.


Dr. Andrea Watson is exceptional. Very thorough and considerate. She really cares about her clients well-being.


The very BEST I have been seen by for many years. And I do mean MANY years. She has kept me together.


Dr. Watson has been my doctor for 6 years. She is the best doctor I have had. She takes time to listen to her patients.


The best family Dr. we’ve had, very caring takes time with her patients… Good listener and good to know she cares…


Dr. Watson, forgive me for bothering you today. But of all days, I feel this day is very appropriate to inform you of some praiseworthy news. First, my husband and I both thank our Heavenly Father for you and directing our paths toward you several years ago. We are blessed to have you in our lives! Even though God is our Healer and Protecter, He has given special people here on earth the ability to heal and comfort, both characteristics you inherit from Him. Having said these things, I wanted to let you know after being on the meds for three days, he’s doing well. We sing our praises to the Lord and we also thank Him for you! ❤️ Thanks again for your compassion, tenderness, and mercy. God has definitely blessed you beyond measure to carry out His will here on earth! Thank you Dr. Watson!!❤️💞🙏🙏