Our practice is kept small by design, so you can enjoy benefits not normally found in a traditional primary care office.

We’re Always Here for You

  • Time: Time to be heard, understood, and cared for thoroughly.
  • Always Dr. Watson. Every visit. Every call. Every time.
  • Prompt medical attention: Avoid putting off medical issues that may need attention and may worsen without timely intervention.
  • Consideration: Same- or next-day office or virtual visits. On time, unhurried and relaxed. 

We Make It Easy for You

  • Peace of mind: Sometimes a direct text, email, or phone chat with one of us is all you need.
  • Convenience: Easily reach us directly — no call centers.
  • Advocacy: Help with navigating your care in a complex health care system. 

We Give You More

  • Health and Wellness: Emphasis on the root cause of illness, prevention, and lifestyle factors.
  • Annual Lifestyle/Functional Medicine-based Exam: We will gather detailed information on your health and lifestyle and do an in-depth review of your wellness goals — all beyond what a typical insurance-covered annual evaluation includes. We will create a customized plan of care to help you achieve your goals — with an emphasis on the root cause of illness, prevention, and lifestyle factors. (Note: Alternative / Functional Medicine lab work will be an additional cost if not covered by your insurance plan.)
  • Ongoing health support and communication: Throughout the year we will provide you with close monitoring and necessary adjustments, and quarterly follow-up visits to promote and reinforce healthy lifestyle habits. Your support includes health coaching for nutrition and fitness education/coaching. Complimentary “stretch & strength” yoga and chair yoga classes are offered on a regular basis, and an online nutritionist provides frequent webinars and is available for private consultations.
  • Savings: Save time and expense of unnecessary urgent care visits, hospitalization, and medications. 

Your membership supports these benefits — your insurance premium does not.